7 Latest Biometrics Technology Trends in 2018

Latest Biometrics Technology Trends in 2018

Biometric technology has been around long enough to become quite an integral part of our lives by now. Like all other technology, it continues to evolve due to advancements in technological resources and other enhancements of the 21st century. In 2017, we saw breakthroughs in innovative and widespread uses of

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometrics System You Should Know

Advantages and disadvantages of biometrics.

10 Advantages of Biometrics Biometric technology is gaining more popularity day by day, all around the world. Biometric solutions are highly accepted by many government agencies, multinational organizations, institutions, banks, and hospitals just to name a few industries. It is growing in every sector including finance, banking, workforce, borders and most

5 Differences Between Iris Recognition and Retina Scanning Technology

Iris vs retina

Iris recognition and retina scanning are very popular biometric modalities and have some features in common. They both are ocular-based technologies, meaning they rely on unique physiological characteristics of the eye to recognize individuals. They both provide contactless image capturing facilities unlike the more widely popular biometric technology of fingerprints.

Future of Biometrics: 5 Technologies to Watch in 2018

Future of Biometrics

The technology world is changing at lightning speeds. Some technologies such as radio and typewriter, which were an integral part of our lives, but these gadgets have vanished within a few years. Modern day gadgets such as the TV, Desktop computer and others which are currently considered as necessities are

25 Uses of Biometrics in Today’s Society

Uses of Biometrics

Biometric technology is rising in popularity throughout the world with every passing day. From mobile devices to laptops, government agencies to multinational organizations, voter registrations to national ID cards, biometric is evolving everywhere in every aspect of our lives. Here, we will talk about the top uses of biometrics in