10 Best App Lock Fingerprint for Android 2018

App Lock Fingerprint

Granted, traditional app locks are enough to protect your security, but the number of data breach is growing all over the world and the 123456 type passwords are the main reason behind this. Also, one of the most irritating moments appear when we forget the password and it happens with almost

3 Types of Fingerprints Explained

Types of Fingerprints

Biometric technology is a method of verifying humans based on physical or behavioral biometric data. Fingerprint recognition is one of the most popular biometric modalities across the world. It is a widely accepted biometric method that is used in various industries including law enforcement agencies, schools, hospitals, banks, private organizations

Face Recognition vs Fingerprint: 10 Key Differences to Know

Face vs Fingerprint

From the beginning of biometric recognition system, fingerprint is the most reliable recognition system around the world. Many law enforcement agencies, banks, institutions and private organizations choose fingerprint biometric over other modalities. But, with the advent of biometric technology, more technologies are breathing down fingerprint recognition’s neck. The most prominent recognition