20 Facial Recognition Search Engines for Online Photo Search

Search engines… it is safe to say that more than 90% of the population today would not think of a machine and understand that the engine being mentioned is one which is the internet. Even those who may be thrown off by the term are more than likely to know that a textual search would bring results on the screen.

Face Recognition Search Engines
Face Recognition Search Engines

However, the advancements in search engines may not be known even to the geekiest of us. Yes, search engines have come a long way but what’s amazing is that, with the integration of facial recognition technology, a massive amount of data can be located on the internet.

Advanced search engines that use facial recognition search can run a face search online to bring results such as similar looking people from all over the world, your pictures available in the public search, or just the simple task of finding your face in a group photo. In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the best facial recognition search engines that could be used for similar purposes as we have just mentioned.

So as you may have already understood, search engines have gone through quite the evolution and have become even smarter on working with the massive amounts of data available on the web. Face matching online combines search engine technology and facial recognition technology to create tools which target individuals to unravel results from all the available public data.

Face Recognition Search

An innovative and revolutionary technology that will conduct face matching online analysis to find matching results. The analysis of the face recognition search on the online database will run on the 7.6 billion current world population. So this huge database would logically, statistically and mathematically be more than capable of finding a likely match.

Face Recognition Online

Currently, there are many face recognition online search engines available in the market. Interestingly, most are more than capable of successfully performing a face matching search to find similar faces online.


20 Best Face Recognition Search Engines

  1. Google Face Recognition

Google has one of the simplest implementation of the face recognition technology. Google has made it easy to use for all. It uses the Google reverse image search technology just like when we conduct an image search on Google.

The process for using the Google Face Recognition is extremely straightforward. To start, you must go to the Google image search page and then click on the camera icon. You can upload an image from your device and then start the image search by clicking on the search button. You can further refine the search to bring forth only face picture results by typing “&imgtype=face” in the search bar.

  1. PicWiser

This tool allows you to perform face matching online and also performs the interesting task of matching up two different photos. This face matching online tool uses facial recognition technology to search online database including Google images, websites, etc. to find the most relevant results. The advanced feature of matching up two different images also focuses on the faces in the photos.

  1. PimEyes

PimEyes functions similarly to that of Google’s reverse image search. It uses facial recognition technology to analyze images from over 10 million websites to find a match. The marketing demo shows results based on celebrity searches of Angelina Jolie and Zac Efron and the results speak for themselves in the promise this tool has.

  1. PicTriev

PicTriev is a fun photo tool which utilizes an elementary level of face matching online to analyze faces in the photo. It brings fun results such as a celebrity look alike for the face in the photo. A tool designed purely for fun and does not appropriately use face recognition technology to offer more reliable or otherwise meaningful results. Simply, add an URL to your photo or upload the actual photo in JPG or JPEG format and no more 200KB in size to find your celebrity look alike.

PicTriev focuses on making its interesting tool more fun by offering photo comparison ability. You can upload two different photos and let its algorithm work its magic to display the comparative results of the two different faces or even to determine whether the two faces are of the same person.

  1. FindFace— Face Search for VK.com

The Russian Facebook, VK.com, is Russia’s largest social network. The tool, FindFace is one specifically designed with the promise of finding on anybody on the social network. Users must log into their VK account and grant the app full permissions for its services. With a JPG or PNG image of 5MB size or less, you can start the search and even filter the results by gender, age, location, and relationship status.

  1. BetaFace

BetaFace is a paid service and rightfully so, as it offers an advanced level of facial recognition technology to easily be amongst the best face recognition tool in the market. It analyzes a face completely to provide a far more detailed result including characteristics such as gender, age, mustache color, hair shape, chin size & more.

BetaFace operates similar to PicTriev by allowing users to upload an image or send the image URL. Then, it works to determine all related information by isolating multiple faces in the photo and individually characterizing all the faces.

It also has the feature to compare faces. It does so by comparing the faces of all images uploaded by you and it even allows you to search celebrities or search Wikipedia for the particular face. All results are then shown on a tabular form for the Face recognition matches.

Another feature it offers is batch processing, allowing you to upload and compare photos in bulk instead of individually. It uses 101 pro facial points classification with extended geometric and color measurements, as well as a “best face only” feature. While the added parameters slow down the overall process, it enhances the face matching quality for more accurate results.

  1. Kuznech Face Detection

This incredible face detection tool is still in its development phase with a limited database of just 50 celebrities. The extensive & detailed database ensures that results are swift and insanely accurate. However, this also means that the process of completing the database will be much longer than just your ordinary face matching tool. The service will surely be one of the best once it is completed and the full version is launched.

  1. TwinsOrNot.net

Twins or Not is a great face matching tool powered by Microsoft. It is very much straightforward as you simply upload two different photos and begin its processing. The results mainly show the percentage of similarity between the faces on the images. While it is a fun tool, it can serve many important purpose as well.

What is special about it, is that, it estimates the likelihood of the two faces in the images are of identical twins. A test scenario let the TwinsOrNot.net tool to compare two photos of the same person taken five years apart, and the service did not falter.

  1. TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye Reverse Image Search makes a claim that its database has indexed more than 12 billion images. The search operates either by upload or with a given URL.

  1. Yandex Reverse Image Search

This Russian search engine, Yandex, also offers reverse image matching. It operates by image upload.

  1. Baidu Reverse Image Search

The Chinese search engine, Baidu also offers reverse image matching for uploaded images.

  1. Image Raider

Image Raider, at present, uses search engines Google, Bing and Yandex for its reverse image search. It makes use of the IncandescentAPI for its functions. It is most helpful for those who use mobile devices.

  1. ImageBrief

ImageBrief is a tool which is specially designed for photographers. It has an essential feature of finding brand images which is possible by clicking on the camera symbol on the search field. Unfortunately, it isn’t working anymore.

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  1. Karma Decay Image Search on Reddit

Karma Decay Image Search is a Beta version of an image search engine on Reddit.com.

  1. Berify Stolen Image Search

Berify Stolen Image Search is a new kind of reverse image search engine which is more than likely to be a spin-off of social catfish. As the name suggests, it is targeted at searching for images which were “stolen”. Its power and capability sets it apart from the other mentioned so far. The algorithmic face search matches pictures based on shape and color information more dominantly than traditional tools. So, simply put, a search for black haired guy in a white t shirt will only bring results of guys with black hair in a white t shirt. Whereas, most other tools will focus just on the face itself and may even bring a blonde woman as a potential match.

  1. Scam Digger Pic Search

Scam Digger Pic Search is a Beta version that uses its database created from images in Romance scam forums.

  1. facedetection

FaceDetection collects all key information of identifying a human face in an image. They are performing in-depth research on this topic.

  1. Viewdle

Google acquire this Ukranian face recognition technology company in 2012.

  1. NeoFace Watch

NEC’s NeoFace Watch is an effective solution to extract face in real time from existing video surveillance system and matching against the watch list.

  1. Others: There are some other services who stopped their services.

So, these are the top facial recognition search engine for online photo search. With the advent of technology, we are hopeful to get more accurate face search engine in future.

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