Face Recognition vs Fingerprint: 10 Key Differences to Know

Face vs Fingerprint

From the beginning of biometric recognition system, fingerprint is the most reliable recognition system around the world. Many law enforcement agencies, banks, institutions and private organizations choose fingerprint biometric over other modalities. But, with the advent of biometric technology, more technologies are breathing down fingerprint recognition’s neck. The most prominent recognition

21 Types of Biometrics with Detail Explanation

Types of Biometrics

What we used to know about biometrics is that it is a technology for militaries and other highly important places. But, with the advent of technology, biometrics becomes a regular security process of our life nowadays. It also becomes more affordable and reliable technology. Types of biometrics All biometric modalities are basically

What is Iris Recognition and How Does it Work?

How iris recognition works

Did you ever lost the key of your door lock or forget where you keep your car keys? Or you might forget the hectic passwords you set to log on your computer, smartphone or any websites. If none of these happened to you, you either are a superhuman or live

What is Biometric Voting System? A Definitive Guide

Biometric Voting System

An election is a fundamental part of democratic governance. Royal houses time has gone and now people demand a cabinet who will be elected by the people and accountable to them for their performance. Election has to be fair and peaceful. If the opposite happens, people lose their democratic rights and

10 Best Face Recognition Apps for Android and iOS 2018

Best Face Recognition App for Android and iOS

Face recognition is a booming technology that will be implemented in many important places like airports, borders, hospitals, banks, colleges etc. Smartphone security is a huge sector in these days and face recognition comes here as well as a secret sauce. So, let’s know about the best face recognition app for

21 Airport Facial Recognition Adoption Examples – BiometricToday

Airport Facial Recognition

In the last few years, we have experienced various uses of biometrics in our daily lives. Several mobile phone manufacturers have brought fingerprint technology for smartphones; Siri, Cortana, Amazon’s Echo Dot brings voice recognition; Windows 10’s Hello brings facial recognition for login. Moreover, biometric technology is now the latest public demand in

10 Massive Biometrics Examples That Revamped The World

BIometrics Examples

Biometric technology is the hottest topic these days. Every now and then we are hearing that this government, that company is running after various biometric modalities including facial recognition, fingerprint technology, voice recognition, etc. Interestingly, just a decade ago, this topic was far away from being a hot topic and

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometrics System You Should Know

Advantages and disadvantages of biometrics.

10 Advantages of Biometrics Biometric technology is gaining more popularity day by day, all around the world. Biometric solutions are highly accepted by many government agencies, multinational organizations, institutions, banks, and hospitals just to name a few industries. It is growing in every sector including finance, banking, workforce, borders and most

5 Differences Between Iris Recognition and Retina Scanning Technology

Iris vs retina

Iris recognition and retina scanning are very popular biometric modalities and have some features in common. They both are ocular-based technologies, meaning they rely on unique physiological characteristics of the eye to recognize individuals. They both provide contactless image capturing facilities unlike the more widely popular biometric technology of fingerprints.