Biometric ATM System in Modern Days Banking

It happens, yet again!

You lost the ATM card when you need it urgently. It may happen a couple of times in the recent few years. Now you have to call ’em and order a new card and some more painful tasks to do.

Biometric ATM in Banking
Biometric ATM in Banking Source

You can replace the scenario by forgetting the PIN number and ATM machine does not work, you wrongly insert the card unintentionally, someone may have stolen your card and at the worst case, when hackers steal your money and emptied your pocket. You know that all these scenarios are widely common and are public stories shared on the newspaper every now and then.

Biometric ATM machine system is quite a new technology in many parts of the world. The applications of biometric technologies are roaring in many industries including banking. To fight with the security breaches in the banking system, bankers are looking for a viable solution to protect from these security breaches and make the system more convenient to the users.

What is biometric ATM system?

ATM (automated teller machine) is a way to withdraw cash easily all by yourself. It offers instant cash withdraw by eliminating the long queue of banks that saves a huge amount of time, undoubtedly. You just need to insert the ATM card into the machine box and type a PIN number to access your account.

Biometric ATM machine is a system that works with biometric traits to identify customers and allow them to withdraw cash. In this system, you don’t need to carry an ATM card or memorize odd PIN numbers to withdraw cash.

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How does it work?

Biometric technology works with “what you are” (biometrics), instead of what you have (ATM cards) or what you know (PIN).

For example, a bank can use iris recognition system in ATMs, so when you come to the ATM booth, all you have to do is look at the iris camera for a few a seconds, it will capture your iris and compare with the stored database to acknowledge you. If everything is okay, then you will be allowed to proceed on with your banking activity.



Japan is the most advanced country in terms of biometric adoption in ATMs. A report says that there are more than 80,000 biometric-enabled ATMs and around 15 million citizens who use the technology since 2006.


The central bank of Nigeria has a plan to replace the ATM pin code with biometric identification system. The decision was taken at the Nigeria Electronic Fraud Forum, where DipoFatokun of Central bank of Nigeria, urged to adopt a secure biometric technology in banking.


DCB bank of India has launched an ATM card that is integrated with Aadhaar number and Aadhaar fingerprints that ditch the ATM/Debit Card and PIN to withdraw cash.

The Bank launched India’s first aadhaar based ATM in Mumbai in April 2016 as its pilot project. This was followed by the launch of Aadhaar based ATM in Odisha and Punjab.

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The bank has a plan to implement this new technology in all of its 400 plus ATMs. For now, only DCB bank customers will be able to use this.


Other than these countries, many more countries including Mexico, Poland, China, Brazil etc. have also adopted biometric system in ATM.


Biometric technology has so much potential to serve the world with its ultramodern approach technologies, and financial institutes start taking the benefits of this technology. In future, we are surely going to see more biometric advancement in the financial sector.

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